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Elementary School

There’s an old saying that when building a house, the foundation is the most important part, since whatever follows must be supported by the base. The same principle applies to the elementary years of your child’s education.

Middle School

The middle school years are one of the most important periods in your child’s life. Our tutors can help your student delve more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary


The importance of a college education is far more important today than ever before. Fifty years ago, college education was only for the elite.

Adult Student

In the competitive world that we live in, you must strive to get the most education you can. Knowledge is power.


Online Tutoring


Greetings! Welcome to Tutors on Wheels online tutoring program! This exciting new method of instruction can be taken in the comfort of your own home.


Learning Center


At the Tutors on Wheels Learning Center, your child will receive the highest-quality one-to-one instruction available today. We will help your child develop stronger academic skills.


Brighter Futures learning Center


Welcome to Brighter Futures Learning Center where learning is child’s play! We believe that every child is an explorer. Every day is an adventure.


Said, 4rd grade student, Bayside, Queens, NY

“I don’t like school, but I like Joshua, my online math tutor. He knows when I get it and when I... Read more

Brian, 6th grade student, Parkchester, NY

“I never used to talk in class. I’m better now because of my English tutor. I don’t mind being... Read more

Victoria, high school student, Glen Cove, NY

“I’ve always been a good student, but I was falling behind in chemistry. My parents gave me a... Read more

Liana, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

“I failed the GED two times because I didn’t prepare enough. I got online English tutoring and... Read more

Delfina R., Pelham Manor, NY

“It was agony getting John to go for math tutoring. But after a while, it seemed like he was... Read more

Dawn H., Greenwich Village, NY

“My son’s science tutor bent over backwards to keep him engaged. He had my son observe and... Read more

Tutors on Wheels to anyone who loves to teach

Working as a tutor with Tutors on Wheels is a great way to better reach out and help students... Read more

Thomas D. Cocks | Program Director

We are a child welfare agency that supports families and strengthens them in the community. For over... Read more


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For Our Students With Special Needs

homeimgSince its inception, Tutors on Wheels has maintained a particular commitment to our students with special needs. Great care is taken to ensure that every learning program developed by our tutors meets the specific needs of each student. This practice is especially true in reference to our students with special needs. In addition to traditional educational offerings for special needs students, Tutors on Wheels will soon be adding a technology component to serve those students who prefer an online tutor. At Tutors on Wheels, our tutors can create a personalized learning program for students.


Education With No Boundaries
Based on parents demands we have expanded our outreach and made it easier for parents and tutors to access our services from their home, school or in our new location Lexington Avenue location.

Brighter Futures Learning Center
Tutors on Wheels has launched a new learning center. An early start for a brighter future. More information on the BFLC website...

Tutors on Wheels Launches Online Option
Forest Hills, NY-Over the past nine years, Tutors on Wheels has connected thousands of students with skilled...

Report Cards, State Tests, SAT’s and ACT’s Are Coming
Now is the time to consider a personalized tutoring program to help your student improve his or her academic performance....

I Ready Diagnostic Assessments And Prescriptive Programs
Tutors on Wheels now employs the I Ready Online Diagnostic Assessment to measure our students’ academic performance and needs...
Tutors On Wheels Online Tutoring Program
Tutors on Wheels is proud to introduce its new Online Tutoring Program. This new program utilizes white board technology...