Finding a Private Tutor on Long Island, NY

Finding the tutoring assistance you or your child needs to succeed at school with confidence doesn’t have to be a challenge. Tutors on Wheels serves the greater New York City area, including Long Island residents, with a mobile team of highly trained tutors. We visit homes throughout the community and create tailored studying and learning sessions based on each student. For anyone who needs some extra help outside the classroom to understand a subject or test material confidently, Tutors on Wheels is ready to empower learners with tools and techniques that will last for this semester and many more to come.

Call us today to learn more about subject-specific tutoring, test prep skills, or even online tutoring, and schedule a personal assessment to start your child on the path to a lifelong love of learning.

Year-Round Tutoring

When school is out, that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget all the important learning concepts that will serve as the foundation for next year’s success. We offer flexible scheduling options year-round to accommodate busy families with work, school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities so that learning doesn’t get lost during the semester or on summer break. When students keep their brains engaged and retain the core educational skills from the prior year, they’ll head into the fall back-to-school season feeling prepared and confident—a crucial part of overall academic or testing success.

Subject-Specific Private Tutoring Sessions

At Tutors on Wheels, we design custom learning goals and lessons for each student, which often include a subject-specific focus for areas that aren’t as comfortable or enjoyable as other subjects are. Our team hires tutors who specialize in helping students on Long Island catch up in, improve in, or generally learn to love the following subjects:

In addition to traditional school subjects in the K-12 range, you can take a closer look at our special services that include early intervention, special education services, speech therapy services, and more for additional learning experiences.

Test Preparation on Long Island

We frequently help students prepare for the following standardized exams:

For comprehensive test preparation, our tutors will cover the core learning goals in the exam as well as test-taking strategies, time management, and how to create a study plan that minimizes stress. Our one-on-one private test prep services empower students to feel confident, relaxed, and prepared on the big test day.

Schedule a Student Assessment

Cut out part of your daily commute and let Tutors on Wheels come to your family when it’s convenient. To get started with a personalized student assessment, contact us today. The assessment is a no-pressure, nonjudgmental way to mark the starting point for future progress and design a student-specific study plan with unique goals and scheduling.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Private Tutoring for K-12 and Beyond
  • Specialize in One-on-One Tutoring
  • Approved Vendor by the NYC-DOE
  • Certified Teachers and Experienced Instructors
  • Special Education Teachers for Students with IEPs
  • Services Available at Student’s School, Home or Local Library
  • Psychological Evaluations Offered
  • Individualized Learning Plans based on Student Needs