Summer School Private Tutoring in Queens, Long Island & Manhattan

Do you want to help your student succeed in school and achieve in the future? Summer is a great time to start. Whether your student is falling behind his or her peers or would simply like to get a leg up for the following year, enrolling in a summer private tutoring program is an excellent way to improve any area of academics. Here at Tutors of Wheels, our specialized private tutors proudly provide all subject summer school tutoring and test prep to K-12 and college students in Queens, NY and the surrounding region. Read on to learn more about our summer tutoring programs, give us a call today!

The Advantages of Summer School Tutoring

For students, summer is a crucial period for learning and expanding academic skills. When properly taken advantage of, summertime can help students prepare and excel for the following school year through only a few hours of learning each day. However, when learning has been neglected in the summertime, students can often fall behind their peers. Below, you’ll find several facts about the importance of summer school tutoring.

Most students regress and lose about two months of mathematical computation skills over the summer.

Similarly, students lose nearly four words-per-minute from reading fluency over the summer months.

By 9th grade, 66% of the achievement gap is due to summer learning loss in elementary school.

Several studies have shown that students who are academically engaged over the summer months transition better into the next grade level when school picks up again in September.

By enrolling your student in a summer tutoring program, you will be better preparing him or her for the following school year. For students that may have been falling behind in their learning, summer tutoring can help bring them up to speed and keep them on track for a prosperous future. At Tutors on Wheels, we proudly provide private tutoring for a broad range of school subjects and standardized tests. You can find out more information about our tutoring programs below.

Specialists for Every Subject

No matter what type of summer tutoring assistance you’re looking for, our team here at Tutors on Wheels has a specialist to help. All of our tutors are college graduates, and many have doctorate degrees that pertain to their tutoring fields. Whether you are looking for a math tutor, English tutor, science tutor, or test preparation specialist, we have someone on staff who can help your student get the academic assistance he or she needs. Our private tutors will work with any material your student has been provided by his or her school and will also provide extra content that we believe will benefit learning.

At-Home Tutoring Available

True to our name, our professionals here at Tutors on Wheels provide at-home tutoring for clients in Queens, NY. We also offer tutoring at our center for those who would prefer to bring their students to us. To learn more about our summer school private tutoring programs, contact our team at  today!

What Sets Us Apart?

  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Private Tutoring for K-12 and Beyond
  • Specialize in One-on-One Tutoring
  • Approved Vendor by the NYC-DOE
  • Certified Teachers and Experienced Instructors
  • Special Education Teachers for Students with IEPs
  • Services Available at Student’s School, Home or Local Library
  • Psychological Evaluations Offered
  • Individualized Learning Plans based on Student Needs