Math & ELA Common Core State Test in Queens and Manhattan

Nothing can be more stressful for students than the angst and anxiety of Common Core State Testing. High-stakes testing has become a part of the reality of education in our world. Regardless of your opinion as a parent, performing well on Common Core State Testing is a pre-requisite for students if they are to be placed in honors classes. Furthermore, 7 th and 8 th grade test scores, specifically, are important for student placement in advanced high school classes.

To make matters even more challenging for students is the difficulty level of the Common Core State Testing. Many parents have chosen to have their children opt out of taking the test, but that also comes with some penalties for both the student and the school they attend. Despite the increased difficulty of Common Core State Testing, all students, regardless of their academic ability, are encouraged to actually sit for the exam. Many veteran and current teachers have complained that this test assesses knowledge and material that is above the vast majority of students’ grade levels.

What Does All This Mean for Your Child?

Considering both the difficulty and importance of Common Core State Tests in math and ELA, private tutoring is an essential and valuable investment in helping to improve your child’s performance. Your child’s classroom teachers will be preparing them for the Common Core State Tests with a few months of preparation, but that is done in a classroom setting of approximately 30 students on average. The reality is that some students will have issues in both subjects that may not get addressed due to the vast content that needs to be covered as well as the number of students that need to be helped.

Private Tutoring Helps Prepare Children for Common Core State Testing

Enter in Tutors on Wheels in Queens and Manhattan. We provide private tutoring to specifically focus on the math and ELA portions of the Common Core State Test. Your child will be paired with one of our qualified tutors (Bachelor’s Degree or above) to cover areas of the test that they feel unprepared for. The goal of our tutors is to take any content that is unclear to your child and turn it into an area of strength and comfortability. Our ambitious and passionate tutors will work with the material your child has been given by their ELA and math teachers and also provide additional material to help your child be as prepared as possible. Call Tutors on Wheels today to get your child assigned to one of our fantastic tutors!

Common Core State Testing for 2018

Testing Dates:

ELA (Grades 3-8):

  • April 11 th– April 13 th

Math (Grades 3-8):

  • Paper Based: May 1 st-May 3 rd
  • Accommodation Tests: May 1 st-May 16th

For additional information on Common Core State Testing in Math and ELA, as well as some examples of the types of questions your child will see on the exams, please click on the link below from EngageNY.

Grades 3-8 State Testing Questions

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