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Like the SAT, the ACT is a nationally administered, standardized test that helps colleges to evaluate student candidates. Colleges currently accept the ACT or SAT interchangeably. What this means is that students have the autonomy to take the exam that best suits their skills and preferences. In many cases, students actually prepare to take both exams in order to better their chances of receiving a good score and getting into the college of their choice. Below are several points detailing the five sections of the ACT. As you browse the question types in each section, ask yourself which exam, the ACT or SAT, best suits your own academic skills.

  • ACT English (45 mins): 40 usage/mechanics, 35 rhetorical skills
  • ACT Mathematics (60 mins): 14 pre-algebra, 10 elementary algebra, 9 intermediate algebra, 9 coordinate geometry, 14 plane geometry, 4 trigonometry
  • ACT Reading (35 mins): 10 social studies, 10 natural sciences, 10 literary narrative, 10 humanities
  • ACT Science (35 mins): 15 data representation, 18 research summary, 7 conflicting viewpoint
  • ACT Writing (40 mins): write a response to a question about your position on an issue

For further information on the differences between the SAT and the ACT and which exam is right for you, visit the official College Board website. The link is provided here: Act vs Sat. Depending on your child’s need you may need a math tutor for math help, English tutor for writing and reading help and/or science tutor for this exam. We also offer SETSS for those students who have disabilities. Sign-up your child today!

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We offer the ACT private tutoring your child needs to prepare for this exam as well as SAT tutoring. Each tutor is well versed on both exams as well as having the necessary knowledge of the content and strategies needed in order to be successful on each exam. Contact us today for private tutoring.

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